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    News Center

    The inauguration ceremony of Shanghai Fuchi\\\'s subsidiary Lianyungang Fuchi was successfully held

    Release time:2020/06/04

           On the morning of June 3, 2020, Lianyungang Fuchi Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Shanghai Fuchi, held an unveiling ceremony in Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone. Zhu Zhirong, chairman of Dongmu Group, Yan Fengmu, chairman of Fuchi Group, Zhong Wei, president of Fuchi Group, and Hu Jianbin, general manager of Lianyungang Dongmu attended and jointly unveiled the new company.




         The investment in the establishment of Fuchi Zhizhi is due to the business development needs of Shanghai Fuchi, taking advantage of the location advantages of Lianyungang Economic and Technological Development Zone where Fuchi Zhizhi is located, and making good use of the core regional characteristics of Lianyungang’s export-oriented economy, optimizing market layout and strengthening the company Core competitiveness. Fuchi Intelligent Manufacturing will focus on the group's medium and long-term development strategy, and rationally plan the blueprint for the construction of intelligent factories based on the characteristics of Fuchi's own products, processes, equipment and orders. On the basis of advancing the standardization and standardization of process technology, accelerate the construction of the production base of Fuchi Intelligent Manufacturing. In the future, the scale of production will be gradually expanded in accordance with market demand and it is planned to build Fuchi High-tech Powder Injection Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Lianyungang Development Zone.

         The establishment of Fuchi Intelligent Manufacturing has further integrated and strengthened the resources of the group. Fuchi Zhizhi will seize the development opportunities of the PIM industry, and lead the market with technology and innovation together with its brother company Lianyungang Dongmu, and provide materials and technical solutions.


    Fuchi Hi-Tech will continue to be customer-centric, insist on innovation based on the PIM industry, insist on making the main business bigger and stronger through specialization, and promote the company's sustainable development through talents, technology, automation and lean.

           The establishment of Fuchi Zhizhi is also a brand new start for Fuchi people. Let us closely focus on the group's development strategy and work together to make Fuchi Group continue to grow and develop. May Fuchi Zhizhi set sail in Lianyungang, a city full of development potential!